The wind no longer calls my name anymore
And the darkness runs so deep
I've been blinded by my impure thoughts
My only memories are of the past
No more anguish, no more bliss

I remember the sun
I remember the warmth
I miss the screams
But most of all
I miss the pain
I miss the pain

A taloned whip as it crosses my back
Blood trickling down
All for a taste of
The pain

Long ago when I was young
I came upon a timeless gift
My life was changed
The tree of life awakened thoughts
I've known before this time
But I've forgotten why
I, do not know the questions
For the answers now unveiled
Before my very eyes
Which behold the sights of pain and pleasure
Tortured by this writhing
Could this be the key?

Could it be?

I didn't know it was so cold
In the abyss
The wise ones they never told me
About these sights which I have seen
Sensory deprivation kill my misery
What is anguish, what is this?

I miss the wetting rain
I miss the cold of dark
I live in blackness
But most of all
I hate my fear
I hate my fear

Darkened shadows beckoning me
Temptation with a tinge of fright
All just to hear my screams

Now it's time to set things straight
Accept the truth for what it is
Its horrid ways
Have tortured me
Thru the ages
Solitude my own damnation
Begotten son of jehovah
lord almighty your forgiveness
All our lies
>From the serpent's jowels
Tempted by the sins of man
My sadistic glee

The last dawn
My eyes have seen
The last, dawn
My eyes have seen
The last,